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With broad public participation and as a sympathy to cancer patients at the Hiwa hospital in Sulaymaniyah, the hiwa ( hope ) Marathon in Sulaymaniyah succeeded in delivering a message for peace and humanity, and to encourage the citizens for giving and make an effort  in order to reduce and end the suffering of those infected with this disease.

Under the logo " with sport and hope we fight cancer" the Erbil Marathon Organization For peace and sport, with the Voice of the Older and family Organization in coordination with the hiwa hospital and sponsored by Asia Cell Company, organized a 4km race in Sulaymaniyah city, with the aim of raising awareness about cancer and the donations for the patients, Where the donations were delivered to the Cancer fight Fund under the supervision of the representatives of hiwa hospital. The initiative of Erbil Organization for Sports and Peace is the first of its kind in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, In order to care for those infected with the disease and reduce their suffering. The marathon took place on Thursday evening 25/5/2017 from Ibrahim Ahmed behind Farouk Hospital and ended in front of hiwa hospital gate. The result of the race were as follows : - Females: First : Amal khader karim Second : Shajwan Behrouz Third : Cina Andraws - Males: First : Benar Mohamed Anayat Second : Nashwan Mohammed Yawar Third : Akar Ibrahim