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All are welcome to participate, peace lovers, men and women, runners. You can participate individually or in groups representing NGOs, UN agencies, Universities, Schools, sports clubs and any other informal groups. Come along and run for preach, have some fun, show your solidarity with Peshmerga and donate for IDPs and refugees. “Your running is their life.”

Erbil International Marathon

We are the only one in Iraq

Erbil Marathon Organization for Sport & Peace is a non-governmental non-profit sport organization founded officially in April 2015 under Iraqi Kurdistan Region laws. Erbil Marathon Organization aims to organize sport activities and in particular running and marathons.  Erbil Marathon use sport and running as a tool for spreading peace and establish love and non-violence in the community.



Local participants83%




  • Spread the culture of running in the community.
  • Organize Erbil International Marathon annually.
  • Organize running & sport event.
  • Promote sport tourism in Erbil and attracts runners & peace lovers to visit Erbil.
  • Create a healthy generation through engorge & motivates children’s and youths for running & sport.


  • Encourage women to run and participate in sport events.
  • Support running clubs.
  • Support and encourage school and universities sport.
  • Spread the principles of peace through sport.
  • Organize sport & running fundraising events for charity.

Erbil International Marathon

It is an international sport event in order to establish love, peace and non-violence in Iraq, and to inform the world that there is a strong community of leaders of civil society in Iraq who are committed to peace and nonviolence and justice for their country and that are supported by a wide range of international partners. About us

Full Marathon

It is a 42.195 km race open for both genders aged 17 years and above. 

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10 km Marathon

It is a 10 km race open for both genders aged 17 years and above.

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5 km Family & Fun run

It is a 5 km family and fun run open for all ages and for both genders.

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